Dr Leaf and the Church

Dr Leaf's teachings are not supported by science, nor by scripture.  Her own fundamental philosophies contradict each other.  Her assertions about her title and the results of her work are in conflict with her own official data.

Dr Leaf's ministry is not based on scientific acumen, but on popularity and reputation.  And her reputation, in turn, is based on slick self-promotion and an availability cascade (a self-reinforcing process by which an idea gains plausibility through repetition).

Our church leaders need to come clean about why they publicly endorse Dr Leaf's ministry.

I can justify why I think Dr Leaf should not be preaching from our pulpits -  in this and many other blog posts, and in my 68,000 word rebuttal to Dr Leaf's published works.

Can Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Cottonwood Church or Hillsong Church, produce evidence of due diligence into Dr Leaf's scientific credibility before endorsing her ministry?  I would be happy to publish any responses they may be willing to make on my blog, complete and unabridged.

If Dr Leaf is preaching at your church, politely ask your pastor to produce his or her evidence that Dr Leaf's teaching is scientifically and scripturally sound.  If your church leaders can't show that Dr Leaf's teachings are scientifically and scripturally accurate, then politely ask them why she's been invited to preach from their pulpit or to sell her wares in your church?  Feel free to share your experiences with me via e-mail.

Critics and sceptics love to use any opportunity they can to embarrass the church, but by parading our own naivety, we're simply embarrassing ourselves.

It's time we dressed ourselves in God's glory, not our own ignorance and ignominy.